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The Lucifer Selfbot is a customizableeasy to use and good looking selfbot full of features. You can customize everything in the embed, like color, footer, thumbnail, as well as the emoji. Some of the 100+ features are geo-IP Lookup, email spammer, avatar, logging, text to ascii, user info, destroy server, as well as a Nitro sniper and an automatic giveaway joiner. Inside of the application itself is flawless, so it doesnt look like a piece of junk while running it on your PC. Lucifer is constantly getting updated with more features, and user suggestions are greatly appreciated!

WarningThe Lucifer Selfbot automatically has the sniper included!

Upon purchasing, you will recieve an email with your key as well as a download link to the Lucifer client. From there you will be able to register with your preferred credentials and your k


Lucifer Selfbot+ contains raiding options, as well as premium options like a youtube viewbot, ebay viewbot, webhook deleter, webhook spammer, fake messages as well as a token grabber generator.